Our Customers

Our Customers:

We are not just another Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our work goes beyond providing Internet access. It's not just our job it's our passion, and it's really about human connection. Providing a service that improves the lives of our customes in the goal. Whether it be giving an artist a way to display their work, or increasing a company's productivity, we want people to say "This makes my life/business better". This devotion to our customers is what makes AiroComm unique among other ISP's

Our Communities

Our Communities:

We want to change people's perspective if the ISP industry, to shake things up a bit. We can be a force for positive change by bringing together communities to contribute in getting Maine cinnected. We want to be invited wherever we do business. We take our responsibility to be honest and trusted in our communities very seriously. It is, and will always be, about quality.

Our People

Our People:

We will provide Maine with consistently reliable and affordable hign-speed Internet access. Focusing on, but not limited to, un-serviced or under-serviced areas of Maine. We can insure this by hiring local people who have integrity and strong work ethic. By staffing our company with real Maine people we know we will understand your internet issues better than all other ISP's.